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Travelling Gantry Vertical Machining Centre

The Starcut is a versatile CNC Vertical Spindle Machining Centre / machine tool. It is particularly useful for machining large Prismatic 5 sided and complex 5 Axis engineering workpieces. Capable of metal cutting techniques such as Milling, Drilling and Boring on a range of components for the aerospace, oil and gas, energy, defence and subcontract engineering markets.

Modular design
5 sided machining capability
Choice of work support systems to enhance the machine
Control systems from Heidenhain, Fanuc or Siemens
40/50/60/100 station Automatic Tool Changing
Automatic head changing
37/50 kw spindle motor
Vee track linear guideways to all axes
High response digital servo motors
High traverse rates
Unlimited longitunial traverse

Choice of Heads

1 degree orthogonal auto indexing head In line head (vertical spindle)
Right angled heads (RAMA) Linear feedback to each axis

Specifications & Dimensions

Spindle Power 45kW (60hp)
Spindle Speeds Standard 10 to 2250
Option 10 to 3000
Spindle Taper ISO#50 DIN
Axis Travels
Column X Axis 3000mm upwards in increments to 30000mm
Headslide Y Axis 2500mm upwards in increments to 5000mm
Ram Z Axis 1000mm / 1250mm / 1500mm / 1750mm
Ram C Axis 0 to 360 degrees
Axis Feed and Traverse Rates
Feed Rates Traverse Rates Thrusts
X Axis 20000mm/min 20000mm/min 25000 N
Y Axis 20000mm/min 20000mm/min 25000 N
Z Axis 20000mm/min 20000mm/min 25000 N
Auto Tool Changers 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120
Head Options
Basic Snout Vertical Spindle
Option Orthogonal 1 degree / 1 degree auto index A/C positioning only
Option 2 axis servo head gear driven 3000rpm combined with 1 degree index
Option 2 axis servo head electro spindle high speed
Option Special application heads
Option Automatic head changer with head storage carousel
Available in a range of floorplates, box tables, rotary tables to suit application
Accuracy and Repeatability
Accuracy Repeatability
X/Y/Z Axis 0.015mm 0.010mm