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Vertically or Horizontally mounted CNC Rotary tables can be supplied from various manufacturers, These are particularly useful for manufacturing aero engine components (rings and housings) - Horizontal Application. Oil and Gas components (Shaft and tubes for subsea drilling) - Vertical Applications to rotary Tilting tables allowing complex five axis machining of Aerospace components and Automotive and motorsport applications

General Description

The machine can be supplied with a CNC Controlled Rotary Table to facilitate the 5-sided machining of components. The indexing of the Rotary Table can be programmed as an axis of control within the machine.

CNC Controlled Rotary Table


Table top 2500x1500mm (T-slots - to be specified)
Permissible central table load capacity - 10,000kg
Outer hydrostatic bearing diameter - approximately 970mm
Drive of the rotary axis via two servo motors(Duo-drive, motors are supplied with the table) and backlash-free precision gearboxes.
Rotating speed 0 - 6.8 revolutions/min
Tangential moment in clamped condition - approximately 50 000Nm
Tangential moment for cylindrical milling - approximately 12 000Nm
Permissible tilting moment - approximately 80 000Nm
Measuring system rotary encoder RON 886C, (36 000 impulses / revolution)
True running accuracy of the centre bored hole ±0.01mm
Linear axis traverse 1500mm
Large dimensioned linear guide systems for rolling element bearings with 2 guide ways
Telescopic steel slideway covers
Driven by precision re circulating ball screw and servo motor
Axis traverse rate - infinitely variable 0-20 000mm/min
Feed force 25 000N
Linear measuring system - Heidenhain LS 187C including air pressure connection point
Accuracy of repeatability (Ps average) 0.005mm
Positional accuracy 0.01mm/1000mm
Centralised lubrication (grease) for ball screw and linear guide way rolling elements