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Asquith Butler are world leaders in the design and manufacture of Auto Indexing Heads. The automatically Articulating heads can be used to allow machining in a variety of different angle and planes. This is particularly useful to minimise multiple workpiece settings and transfers from machine to machine. Particularly useful for large prismatic milling and boring of components for the aerospace, oil and gas, and automotive manufacturers.

Auto Indexing Head Auto Indexing Head
Automatic Coupling to Ram Automatic Index of A Axis to 220 x 1° Positions
Automatic Tool Locking Through Spindle Coolant
External Coolant Automatic Coupling of Services

Specification of Head

Diameter of Hirth Coupling Ring X/Y DIM 400mm
Diameter of Head X/Y DIM 400mm
Distance from Ram Hirth ring pitch line to axis of rotation A axis Z DIM 400mm
Distance from axis of rotation of A axis to gauge line of Spindle Z DIM 260mm
Distance from Ram centre line to Spindle centre line Y DIM 240mm
Spindle taper ISO 50
Designed to suit Arbors ISO 7388/1
Designed to suit Retention Knobs TYPE A ISO 7388/2 DIN
Spindle speed limit 3000 rpm
Tool clamp force 25000 N